Jack Rowe


Research Student

Research Students


  • BSc. (Hons.) Archaeology and Landscape Studies (University of Worcester, 2014)

Research Project

The aim of my research is to consider the relationships between, and reunite Mendip with its local and regional landscape during the Neolithic period, with a particular focus on mobility and the experience of movement through and between these landscapes. Central to this study is the idea that there may have been a formality to approaching the new ritual and ceremonial sites that emerged during this period, a focus on processing to and between them. Recent studies have refocused attention on the concept of Neolithic sacred geographies, seen, for example, by the work at the Stonehenge Avenue (Parker Pearson 2012) and considered how the natural landscape may have been harnessed in ritual monument construction and movement. The limestone Mendip landscape contains many natural features that were appropriated during this period such as swallets and caves (Lewis 2000; Lewis 2011a; Stanton, 1986). The entrances of some of many caves lie within the numerous gorges that skirt the perimeter of the limestone plateau, leading from the lowlands to the uplands. Given their twisting nature with blind spots and secluded characteristics, I am proposing an investigation into the possibility of them being used as significant ceremonial processional routeways, drawing comparison with the proposed function of the Wiltshire River Avon at Stonehenge (Parker Pearson, 2012) and the Somerset Avon at Stanton Drew (Lewis and Mullin 2013) as part of those ceremonial landscapes.

Outside of my studies I am a working musician and also working with the newly-formed charity Dal dy Dir to provide and run heritage-based projects and activities for people with disabilities and other marginalized groups and hard-to-reach sectors of the community.

Research Interests

Landscape Archaeology
Mobility Mesolithic Neolithic Material Culture and Monumentality
Notions of Space and Place
Human and Cultural Geography
Empirical Philosophy
Experimental Archaeology
The Later Prehistory of Northern Europe