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George is a PhD Research Student with an interest in ecohydrology. His doctoral thesis focuses on the effects of fine sediment on freshwater invertebrate communities. The research aims to identify the impact of fine sediment deposition on hyporheic sediments and the dispersal pathways of benthic and hyporheic invertebrates. It will also examine the influence of substrate porosity and interstitial habitat availability on the response of benthic and hyporheic invertebrates to fine sediment deposition.

Alongside his PhD Research, George has also been an integral part of the Postgraduate Society. Through this role he has helped to organise a very successful Postgraduate Conference, attracting delegates from Universities across the country. He also acts as a Postgraduate Representative, sitting on a number of University committees, representing the views of postgraduate students and disseminating the outcomes of the committee meetings to the wider postgraduate student body.

George has previously worked for the Environment Agency as part of the Analysis and Reporting team where it was his responsibility to carry out monitoring, sample analysis, data interpretation and reporting in relation to the ecological status of freshwater bodies within the East Midlands area. This included sampling and analysis of biological quality elements macroinvertebrates, macrophytes, diatoms and fish. During this role he became a skilled macroinvertebrate analyst, developing considerable expertise and becoming fully accredited to a mixed taxonomic level.