Dr Steve O'Hickey

Research Team

M.B. Ch.B,   M.R.C.P.,    M.D.,      F.R.C.P,  F.A.A.A.A.I.

Consultant Physician in General Internal and Respiratory medicine, Worcester Royal Infirmary
Honorary Professor at the University of Worcester
Special interests include Allergy and Immunotherapy and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.  

After qualifying from Manchester Medical School in 1981 and residency in the Professorial Unit at Manchester Royal Infirmary, his early training posts were at Blackburn Royal Infirmary.   He was trained in Respiratory Medicine by Professor Peter Ormerod at Blackburn where he gained his membership of the Royal College of Physicians (M.R.C.P.).  

Post membership Dr O'Hickey worked in the Regional Infectious Diseases department at East Birmingham Hospital, 1994,  and then became Registrar in Cardiothoracic Medicine in the North Western Cardiothoracic Centre at Wythenshawe Hospital working for Professor C.A.C. Pickering, Dr. P.Barber and Dr. A. Hilton.  

Subsequently, he moved to the Department of Allergy and Allied Respiratory Diseases at Guy’s Hospital London in 1986 and spent 3 years as a Research Fellow to Professor Tak Lee in Allergy and Respiratory medicine.  

On completion of his M.D. thesis on exercise induced asthma and hypertonic airway challenge, he moved to Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham, as Senior Registrar in Respiratory and General Medicine, working for 4 years and rotating through all departments.  In particular he worked with Professor Sherwood Burge whose main interest was occupational lung disease and Professor Jon Ayres whose interest was in brittle asthma.  

After completion of his training, Dr O'Hickey became a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and General Medicine at Solihull Hospital in October 1993 where he started a bee and wasp venom desensitisation clinic.  He remained there until the summer of 1997 and since then he has been a Consultant Physician in Respiratory and General Medicine at the Chest Clinic, Worcestershire Royal Hospital.  

His main areas of interest include allergy and immunotherapy and end stage respiratory disease, in particular COPD and pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with chronic respiratory disease. 


Chairman of 3 Counties Lung Cancer NSSG 2006-2009 

Assistant Clinical Director of Medicine 2005-2009 

Clinical Lead for Respiratory Medicine 2003- present                                     

Lead Lung Cancer Physician 2004- present                                     

Clinical Director of R & D 1999 - 2004   

Research Interests

Since 1986 Dr O'Hickey has published a large number of papers in peer-reviewed journals, including papers on asthma, respiratory disease and occupational lung disease.   His research interests continue to be into chronic Allergy and respiratory disease. He has supervised a PhD student in motivation and quality of life in pulmonary rehabilitation.     

Pharmaceutical Trials: He has been involved in a large number of National and Multi-National trials into respiratory therapies including the Symbiosis Trial and ALK 23 immunotherapy trial.  



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