Dr Simon Evans


Principal Research Fellow - Association for Dementia Studies

Association for Dementia Studies

Contact Details

email: simon.evans@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 54 2511

Dr Simon Evans is a Principal Research Fellow with the Association for Dementia Studies. Simon has developed a portfolio of dementia research projects that spans a wide range of topics including housing, health, social care, the arts, assistive technology, care homes, and communities. His role includes applying for research funding, project management and ensuring that research findings are disseminated to key audiences. He also has a strong interest in research methods and ethics.

Simon was awarded a BSc in Psychology in 1980 and worked in the NHS as an administrator and then a researcher, moving to academia in 2001. After a brief spell at the University of Bath he moved to the University of the West of England in 2003 (where he achieved a PhD in 2010) and joined the Association for Dementia Studies in 2011.


  • PhD (DPhil. 2010), User involvement in research, University of the West of England, Department of Health and Applied Social Sciences.
  • BSc hons (1980), Psychology. University of Lancaster  

Research, Teaching and Knowledge Transfer


Simon has over 20 years’ experience as a researcher and a substantial record of research income and project management across health, housing and social care. Much of his dementia research has focused on extra care housing, care homes, connecting with nature and dementia-friendly design.

He is currently involved in a range of projects including:

His previous projects include:


Simon has supported several PhD students to completion of their Doctorates.

He is currently Director of Studies for Becky Oatley, who is undertaking a PhD exploring how women living with dementia engage with sporting reminiscence activities. University of Worcester 2017-2021. 

Knowledge Transfer;

Simon is committed to maximising the benefit and impact from his research by targeting findings to diverse audiences – academic, practitioner, policy makers, commissioners and the wider public.

Professional bodies and experience

Professional Memberships 

His Professional Memberships include The British Society of Gerontology

Publications and Dissemination

Peer reviewed journal articles 

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Research Report

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External Responsibilities

Simon sits on a range of University committees including the College of Health, Life and Environmental Sciences Research Committee, and the University Ethics Committee