Dr Sabrina Grant

Sabrina Grant 1

Senior Lecturer


Contact Details

email: sabrina.grant@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 542628


  • CPsychol  (British Psychological Society 2014)
  • PhD Primary Care and Health Psychology (University of Birmingham 2013)
  • MSc Health Psychology (University of Bath, 2006)
  • BSc (Hons) Human Psychology (Aston University, 2002)

Teaching & Research


I joined the University of Worcester as Senior Lecturer in Applied Health Sciences in Aug 2019.  I am a chartered psychologist specialising in health psychology. I am passionate about teaching all aspects of healthcare within my discipline from the study of adolescent behaviour, effects of stress on biological systems and musculoskeletal systems, behavioural science, emotional resilience, health and well-being to more practical sessions such as communication skills within professional practice and research methods.


My research interests focus on the application of health psychology in primary and secondary health care settings.  I have experience in mixed methods research, clinical trials, cohort studies, systematic reviews, survey methodology and qualitative methodology applied to explore and investigate a range of health conditions.  I collaborate across several studies focusing on how digital health technologies impact on experience of patients and health care professionals. 

I am keen on interdisciplinary research collaborations around health behaviour and illness, in particular the impact upon patients, health professionals and society of using digital health technologies in the self-management of long term conditions.

Postgraduate Studies

I supervise students (undergraduate and postgraduate) across a range of disciplines.  Areas range from neonatal health, cardiovascular health, orthopaedic and communicable diseases. I am keen to expand my supervision across areas relating to research within primary and secondary healthcare settings relating to digital health and the application of health psychology.


Current grants

  • Ainsworth B, Dack C, Binnie K, Colebrooke L, Grant S, Lasseter G, Silarova B, Turnbull S Mind the Gap, Implications of the digital divide on healthcare inequalities during the NHS digital transformation, for patients with long term conditions, £4974, GW4 Seed Corn Funding, August 2019 to present
  • Lasseter G, Choi H, Colyer S, Grant S, Pickles T, Sauchelli S, Sherlock B, Voinescu A, Zhang J, £5413.40, GW4-PATH: Perception and Attitudes of Technologies for Healthcare, GW4 Seed Corn Funding, July 2019 to present
  • Martin U, Greenfield S, Grant S, Pucci M, Pontefract S, McManus R, Tomaszewski M, Collis P, Dasgupta I, Hodgkinson J; NIHR Research for Patient Benefit, £292,563; Improving medication adherence: a qualitative study of the effect of using urine assays on consultations about antihypertensive medications; University of Birmingham, April 2018 to present

Previously awarded

  • Craddock I, Grant S, Gooberman-Hill R Accelerated Clinical Impact from SPHERE and Eurvalve, EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account, Knowledge Transfer Secondment, £49,293, University of Bristol, September 2018
  • Carrier J, Grant S, Beneito-Montagut R, Lane E, Sparkes V, Jones M, Dack C Using realistic review methodology to investigate digital health interventions for managing long-term conditions, £10, 315, GW4 Building Communities Initiator Fund, GW4-IF11-007, February 2018
  • Grant S North American Primary Care Researcher Group Conference 2015, £1500, Travel Award, College Development Fund, Uni of Birmingham, Awarded July 2015
  • Baral-Grant S, McManus R, Greenfield S, Nouwen A; Self-monitoring of blood pressure in patients with hypertension and diabetes; MRC/ESRC Interdisciplinary Studentship Award; £59,930, April 2008
  • Baral-Grant S, McManus RJ; Determining the Prevalence of Self-Monitoring in Hypertension and Diabetes, Award; £6,000 Scientific Foundation Board, Royal College of General Practitioners Heart Research UK

Professional Experience

  • Special Group of Coaching Psychology (British Psychological Society, elected 26.07.2018 to present)
  • British Psychological Society, (BPS) Chartered Member, April 2016 to present
  • Divisional Membership of Health Psychology, Membership number 041441: Registered 2005/6 to present
  • Society of Academic Primary Care, (SAPC) Ambassador, 2016 to present
  • Participatory Health Research Working Group, North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG), Oct 2016 to present
  • Midlands Health Psychology Network, (MHPN) Aston University, Birmingham: Registered 2006


Grant S, Blom A, Craddock I, Whitehouse M, Gooberman-Hill R Home health monitoring around the time of surgery: qualitative study of patients’ experiences before and after joint replacement, BMJ Open, 2019, Volume 9, Issue 12  http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmjopen-2019-032205

Grant S, Hodkinson J, Schwartz C, Bradburn B, Franssen M, Hobbs FDR, Jowett S, McManus R, Greenfield S (2019) Using mHealth for the management of hypertension in UK primary care: an embedded qualitative study of the TASMINH4 randomised controlled trial; British Journal of General Practice 2019; 69 (686): e612-e620

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Grant-Baral S, Haque S, Nouwen A, Greenfield S, McManus R: Self-monitoring of blood pressure in Hypertension: A UK Primary Care Survey, International Journal of Hypertension, 2009, Volume 2012, Article ID 58208

External Responsibilities

I am a supervisor to a doctoral student at the University of Bristol, Ambassador for the Society of Academic Primary Care SAPC for the University of Worcester.  I am a regular peer reviewer for a range of academic journals and editorial board member for Psychology and Behavioural Sciences www.psybehav.org (Feb 2019)