Dr Rhys Pritchard


Senior Lecturer in Primary Physical Education ITT Subject Lead

Primary Education

Contact Details

email: r.pritchard@worc.ac.uk

Rhys works in the School of Education and is the Subject lead for Primary Physical Education. He joined the University of Worcester in June 2018. Rhys entered Higher Education in 2017 working as a lecturer of Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy at Cardiff Metropolitan University. Previously, he taught in a variety of schools in Worcestershire, but also abroad in Dubai and Australia, experiencing both Primary and Secondary PE, but also in the classroom. Away from work, Rhys has a heavy involvement with rugby as both a coach and player.


  • Doctorate in Sports Coaching
  • MSc Sports Coaching
  • PGCE Primary
  • BSc (Hons) Sports Development

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Rhys teaches across both undergraduate and postgraduate education courses, taking the module lead on all Physical Education areas of the primary curriculum. He aims to create a theory-practice-theory approach in his teaching, expanding the students frame of reference and practical skill sets to teach PE. Also, Rhys has a strong interest in physical education and sports coaching pedagogy.

Research Interests

Rhys is currently studying for his Doctorate. The final thesis piloted the coaching practice within a proposed rugby academy. Using an Action Research approach, and incorporating Vygotskian learning theory into their delivery, six student coaches delivered weekly rugby sessions over a 3-month period to a group of Year 5 children. The focus of the research was on the coaches use of Vygotskian theory in practice to further develop their subsequent learning.

The Doctorate in Sports Coaching explored various notions to improve practice such as transformative thinking and critical reflection, Vygotskian notions and social phenomenology.

Rhys is also part of the Applied Physical Education and Health Research Group and Coaching and Pedagogy Research Group at Cardiff Metropolitan University. The groups look at not only the role of pedagogy, but the changing face of PE and the importance of physical literacy.

Professional Bodies

  • Association for Physical Education (AfPE) - Member
  • International Physical Literacy Association (IPLA) - Member
  • British Educational Research Association (BERA) - Member


Pritchard, R. (2019). Marrying Theory to Practice: Using Vygotsky to Underpin Game Sense Pedagogy. In: C. Corsby and C. Edwards, ed., Exploring Research in Sports Coaching and Pedagogy: Context and Contingency. Newcastle Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Pritchard, R. (2017). Developing Physical Literacy: A Reflective Case Study. Physical Education Matters, 12 (2), pp. 40-42

Pritchard, R. (2017). Improving Physical Education by Mentoring Primary Teachers. Physical Education Matters, 12 (2), pp. 63-64

Pritchard, R. (in press). Coach and player development through action research: developing game sense pedagogy by implementing Vygotsky's theory of concept formation in the coaching of rugby union


Pritchard, R. (2017). 'Coach and player development through action research: developing game sense pedagogy by implementing Vygotsky's theory of concept formation in the coaching of rugby union.' Conference presentation, 3rd International Coaching Conference, Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

External Roles

  • Sport Wales Physical Literacy Consultant