Dr Josephine-Joy Wright


Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Department of Health and Wellbeing

Contact Details

email: j.wright@worc.ac.uk

On her desk she has a quotation, a gift from a service which she helped to lead for many years: Some men see things as they are and say, why; I dream things that never were and say, why not. (George Bernard Shaw)

Dr. Josephine-Joy Wright currently works as a lecturer at University of Worcester and is the Director of Well-Connected psychological services, providing training, assessments, consultation and supervision.

A clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience within 4 health authorities in England and Wales, over 20 of which were at consultant level, leading and developing services into the community, specialising in Children and Family work and complex adult neuro-developmental disorders, attachment, abuse and trauma. She has significant expertise in developing, training and evaluating Tier 2 and other community-based services to promote Best Practice.

Her passion is developing people and services to their fullest potential with minimum financial resources. She holds professional psychology and teaching qualifications and has pioneered training initiatives locally and internationally to equip professional and voluntary practitioners in the field at Universities, colleges and community-settings.

In addition Joy has worked with international disasters and with child and adult victims of paedophile rings and historic abuse since 1989 across numerous contexts, including war-zones, pioneering psycho-social interventions which are now seen as standard practice, and developing work with child soldiers.

Her passion professionally is to see centres around the whole of the UK where specialist therapeutic provision for children and adults who have been abused or trafficked is readily available long-term, enabling her motto to become a reality in peoples lives.

Her motto for her work: Your past may mould you but it does not need to define you.