Dr Elaine Walklet


Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology


Contact Details

email: e.walklet@worc.ac.uk

Elaine is a Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology and Practitioner Health Psychologist. She teaches across undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.


BSc (Hons) Psychology
PGCert Low Intensity Psychological Interventions
MSc Health Psychology
PGCert Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
DHealth Psy Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology

Teaching & Research


Elaine currently leads the undergraduate Health Psychology and Psychology Research Project modules.


Elaine’s research interests include the psychological impact of illness and long-term conditions, behaviour change and adherence, psychological interventions for mental and physical health and stress in healthcare staff.

Professional Experience

Elaine completed her Practitioner Doctorate in Health Psychology in 2018.

Elaine previously worked in an NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Service.


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Membership of Professional Bodies

Member of the British Psychological Society
Member of the Division of Health Psychology
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy