Dr David Mullin


Associate Lecturer in Archaeology

Geography and Archaeology

Contact Details

email: d.mullin@worc.ac.uk

I am a sessional lecturer in Archaeology at the University of Worcester. I have been contributing to the degree course at the University since 2003, and have a PhD on the Neolithic and Bronze Age of the Anglo-Welsh borderland. I am also an independent archaeological consultant and prehistoric pottery specialist.

My research has been concerned with the Neolithic and Bronze Age archaeology of the west of Britain and have contributed to the North West Archaeological Research Framework and the South West Archaeological Research Framework, as well as the Stonehenge and Avebury Revised Research Framework. I have an interest in Neolithic and Bronze Age pottery (particularly carinated bowls and Beakers) and have published a number of specialist reports from sites around Britain.

Whilst the Neolithic and Bronze Age form the focus of my research, I am by training a landscape archaeologist and retain an interest in the medieval period, particularly church archaeology and the archaeology of the rural landscape. For the last two years I have been helping to build and fire a replica medieval kiln and I am also a convener of the Worcestershire Historic Graffiti Project.

My research is theoretically informed and focuses on the archaeology of borders and borderlands, but I also have a strong background in fieldwork and co-direct the annual training excavation (with Dr Jodie Lewis). We are both in the process of bringing to publication a number of Neolithic and Bronze Age sites from Somerset, including excavations at three round barrows, a standing stone and two Neolithic enclosures.


  • PhD Archaeology (University of Reading, 2011)
  • MPhil Archaeology (University of Bristol, 2001)
  • BA (Hons) Archaeology (University of Bristol, 2000)


Teaching & Research

Introduction to Heritage (ARCH1102)

The Archaeology and Heritage of the British Landscape (ARCH1103)

Death and Burial (ARCH2122)

Archaeological Field Study (Excavation) (ARCH2123)

Medieval Archaeology and Local Heritage (ARCH3121)

Managing the Historic Environment (ARCH3105)


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