Dr Andrew Hoaen

Lecturer in Archaeology & Heritage Studies

Geography, Archaeology and the Environment

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email: a.hoaen@worc.ac.uk

I am an archaeologist and environmental historian specialising in pollen analysis, surveys of ancient and veteran trees and the Later prehistory of the Uplands of Britain. My main research interests are how people interact with modify and are modified by their environments over short and long time scales.

Most recently I have been conducting research in collaboration with the Worcester Wildlife Trust, Worcestershire Council, National Trust and the Forestry Commission into the archaeology of Nature reserves, wilds and trees through a series of collaborative projects since 2013. I have presented papers on these topics at both national and international conferences. I have also published several papers in peer reviewed journals on these topics. I have also been commissioned to contribute book chapters and articles in national magazines.

In 2017 I received Heritage Lottery Funding for a five-year project to study veteran trees in the Forest of Dean, this project has successfully mapped the ancient hollywood at Speech House. The next phase of this project is to examine and map evidence of oak regeneration within the Forest of Dean, which may contribute to the ongoing debate around the Vera hypothesis in forestry, and historical ecology.

I have also been conducting research into well-being and heritage, especially in regard to former WW2 hospital sites in Worcestershire at the Devils Spittleful nature reserve and the St. Wulstans nature reserve in Worcestershire. This work has been published in a ground breaking volume of Well-being and heritage edited by Timothy Darvill.

I am also interested in alternative heritages and how marginalised and disadvantaged communities experience heritage.


PhD Archaeology (Edinburgh 2000)

BSc (Hons), Archaeological Science, (Bradford 1993)


Teaching & Research


ARCH1101 Introduction to Archaeology   
ARCH2125 DNA, Dating, Isotopes Archaeological Science in Context  ARCH2101 Archaeological Theory and Research Methods     
ARCH3002 Independent study

Member of the Sustainable Environments Research Group: Sustainable Environments Research Group


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Papers in regional peer reviewed journals 

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Conference papers

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December 2017 Environment, Nature, Nurture: The site of St. Wulstan’s Hospital. Theoretical Archaeological Group conference. Cardiff.

September 2017 Alt-heritage: Hippies, squatters, ravers after the Police and Criminal Justice Act 1984, 1994 and the Public Order act 1986. European Association of Archaeologists conference Maastricht.

May 2017 Veteran Trees, Meadows and commons at the Forest of Dean. Poster Presentation, EcoNet conference. Sheffield Hallam University.

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