Dr Andrew Hoaen

Lecturer in Archaeology & Heritage Studies

Geography, Archaeology and the Environment

Contact Details

email: a.hoaen@worc.ac.uk

I am an environmental archaeologist specialising in pollen and microfossil analysis of soils and sediments. My main research interests are in how people interact with and modify their environment over long time scales. In particular how past climatic and environmental change has affected human society.

I am currently writing up for publication a research project based in Cumbria; investigating the effects of environmental degradation and climate change during the period 2000 BC-1000 AD on human societies. We also examined what effect the Roman military occupation of the North of England had on the development of the local communities.

I am currently engaged in a project to analyse the landscape setting of a medieval moated manor on the outskirts of Worcester.

I have also acted as a consultant on a number of archaeological projects particularly in Scotland.


PhD Archaeology (Edinburgh 2000)

BSc (Hons), Archaeological Science, (Bradford 1993)


Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research


ENVS 1004 History of the British Landscape 
BIOS3051 Forensic archaeology 
ARCH2011 Environmental archaeology 
ARCH1004 Fieldwork in archaeology




Papers in edited volumes, and national journals (in print)

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2007 contributions to the North West Region Archaeological Research Framework Volume II: Research Agenda and Strategy, edited by Mark Brennand, English Heritage/ALGAO
2007 contributions to the North West Region Archaeological Research Framework Volume I: Resource Assessment, edited by Mark Brennand, English Heritage/ALGAO
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2006 Landscape memory and material culture: Interpreting diversity in the Iron Age. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society. 71 pp.361-378 w/H.L.Loney
2000 “Soil pollen analysis at Balnuaran of Clava” in The good stones: a new investigation of the Clava Cairns. ed. R. Bradley. PSAS. Monograph series. p. 96-113
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Papers in regional peer reviewed journals 

2010 Excavations of Iron Age and Roman Iron Age Levels at a Settlement in Glencoyne Park, Ullswater, Cumbria. Transactions of the Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. Vol X: 93-102 w/H. L. Loney 
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1995. “Crift Farm Project, Second Interim Report”, in Journal of the Trevithick Society, no. 22: 50-57. w/J.McDonnell, H.L.Loney.

Conference papers

March 2012 Material Culture in the Margins: comparing Roman and Roman-Iron Age sites in the military zone of North West England, Poster Presentation, with Helen Loney and Jennifer Peacock
November 2011 Living in the land:memorializing social and agricultural capital in Upland Northern England and Scotland. Bronze Age Forum, University of Cardiff. w/H. L. Loney 
October 2010 Aceramic Iron Age: pottery of Baldhowend and Glencoyne Park, Cumbria. Pottery Group Conference, University of Manchester, w/H. L. Loney 
February 2010 Iron Age Pottery at Baldhowend, Cumbria. Ceramic views of Scotland and northern England from the Neolithic to the 20th century: issues of method, practice and theory. University of Glasgow/Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, w/H. L. Loney 
November 2008 Landscape and Society in the Roman Iron Age of Northwestern England,University of Worcester seminar series, w/H. L. Loney 
April 2007 Towards a European perspective on the Cumbrian Bronze Age. Aspects of Prehistoric Cumbria. Lancaster University Centre for North-West Regional Studies,in conjunction with Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society. w/H. L. Loney
June 2006 Archaeological Site Recovery and Management in light of recent work on prehistoric and Roman settlement in upland Cumbria. Sustainable Uplands: Future Scenarios for People, Environment, and Landscape: A Future Vision Conference and workshop for the Uplands. Held by The International Centre for the Uplands – Cumbria, w/H. L. Loney