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Caroline is part time DBA student in the Worcester Business School at the University of Worcester. 

Caroline's main research interest is internal communication in small and medium-sized enterprises. Her DBA research focus is to develop an internal communication model in times of crisis and to identify solutions for effective communication between management and employees in times of crisis.

The SME sector plays an important role in employment and economic development in every country in the world (in Germany 99.6 % of all enterprises).

A crisis is an unexpected, unplanned situation or threat that suddenly emanates from a company. It means an event that threatens the stability of a company. The process by which such events or threats are effectively managed and dealt with is known as crisis management. Fink (1986) asserts that crisis management is "the art of removing much of the risk and uncertainty in order to gain more control over one's destiny". Most research on crisis management tends to focus on the context of large companies (Gomes-Casseres, 1994; Preble, 1997; Acquier et al., 2008). However, the crisis management mechanisms of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have not been sufficiently studied to allow for sound theory building and practical implications for management (Pearson and Claire, 1993; Runyan, 2006; Herbane, 2010).

Due to the lack of previous academic research on the topic, little is known about the influence of pre-crisis planning and crisis management in SMEs on leadership and internal communication in times of crisis, therefore this research is exploratory in nature (Sekaran, 1992).

To investigate the research problem and research question, semi-structured interviews with open-ended questions (Mishler 1986; Patton 2002) are selected as the most appropriate method for qualitative data collection

selected to allow participants to express their own perspectives and provide complex responses.

Cross-case analysis techniques are used to support the analysis and interpretation step (Patton 2002).

Their supervisors are Dr Ria Wiid and Dr Richard Nicholls.

Caroline has her own company in Germany with a total of 13 employees. ck sales Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH supports companies in the professional acquisition of new customers by telephone. The industry focus of ck sales is in mechanical and plant engineering and in the field of renewable energy. 


Certified business economist, Distance learning to become a certified business economist at the Fernschule Hamburg

BA Marketing, Bachelor's degree programme at the International University of Applied Sciences

MA Business Psychology, Master's programme at Steinbeis University  Berlin Institute  of Executive Capabilities  (IEC)


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  • Article in MM MaschinenMarkt - Issue 19 2013 Internal sales force takes strategic position

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  • Communication in transition? Increasing sales and gaining new customers in the sphere of influence of social media: The example of mechanical and plant engineering
  • Professional sales power in mechanical and plant engineering