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Annica is a part-time DBA student in the Worcester Business School at the University of Worcester since 2018. 

Her research is focused on job expectations of young employees - Generation Z (1995-2010) - psychological contract theory and Human Resources Management (HRM) in general.

Annica’s qualitative study provides in-depth knowledge about young people in the world of work 4.0. The contribution provides insights into the creation of job expectations within the context of psychological contract theory. Annica’s DBA aims to present recommendations on how and what organisational practices can support the creation of a successful employee-employer relationship. In doing so, the opportunity arises for Human Resources professionals and managers to revisit and readjust their organisational practices to shape workplace environments that are better suited to a young workforce.

Annica is a student representative for the DBA Cohort 2018 (Bielefeld).

Her supervisors are Anne-Marie McTavish and May Bratby.

In addition to working towards her DBA, Annica works as a Specialist HRM at LPKF Laser & Electronics AG.  She is an expert in international people management and the project leader for a globally rolled out employee share plan. Annica acquired her extensive leadership and HRM specialist knowledge in banking and finance, telecommunication, and laser technology industries.

She teaches Strategic HRM at the IU International University of Applied Sciences. In 2020 she gave her first guest lecture at the University of Worcester.

Annica has been an experienced speaker and business coach for several years in contemporary management topics: International HRM, Generational Diversity at Work, Managing Employee-Employer Relations, Application and Career Management. In 2019 Annica was appointed an honorary judge at the labour court in Hamelin (Germany) for a five-year period.



MA Management (Hons), 2011, University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management, Berlin
BA Business Administration, 2008, Berlin School of Economics, Berlin
Business Coach, 2015, Leibniz University, Hanover