Try Me, Love Me, Festival

Dance Studio, University of Worcester, St John's Campus, Henwick Grove, St John's, Worcester, WR2 6AJ

a group of students pictures under the headline: Try me Love Me Festival

Try Me, Love Me Festival – taste some of the best new work from eight emerging theatre companies.

Part 1 - from 12pm

12pm: A Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide by Theatre of the Wild, Beautiful and Damned. The Ghost of Ziggy Stardust takes us on a tragical Mystery Tour through the life of a nearly was Rockstar.

1pm: Sugar-Coated Souvenirs by Front Bottom Theatre. Just a tacky cabaret with two almost-women trying to prove their worth.

2pm: There’s Something Missing by Pubnuts Theatre. A contemporary, physical (and sometimes funny) performance, that discusses identity, responsibility, and asks, is it time to just sit down and shut up?

Part 2 
- from 3.30pm

3.30pm: Good Grief! by Arch SixtyTwo. Time to plan the funeral of all funerals. Hymn sheets at the ready. Finger sandwiches not provided.

4.30pm: The Wonder Pill by Chaotic Neutral. It’s 2230. The human race is dying out. Can a time capsule from 2019 and three DIY scientists really save the world?

Part 3 - from 6pm

6pm: Flip by Arch SixtyTwo. An unorthodox intervention for a girl who needs it, Flip asks the audience to question their morals, roles and assumptions.

7pm: Blink  (written by Phil Porter) by Shane Webster & Sarah Kaye. A quirky, dark comedy exploring voyeurism, loneliness and the ethics of expressing love.

8pm: Wool by Steven Zilinskas. In a quest to find order in chaos, and the extraordinary in the ordinary, anything can happen.

Tickets for each section of the festival are free but must be booked separately:

12-3pm Rock ‘n’ Roll Suicide, Sugar-coated Souvenirs, There’s Something Missing can be booked Here

3.30-5.30pm Good Grief! and The Wonder Pill can be booked Here

6-9pm FLIP, Blink and Wool can be booked Here