Two computer generated skeletons against a dark background

The event is open to students studying across Worcester as well as any students on placements at NHS Trust Hospitals across the Midlands.

The VIVIT Experience is a nationally award winning academic experience offering you the chance to participate in a recreated post mortem experience conducted on VIVIT -the worlds only semi-synthetic human cadaver. During this special 5 hour experience you will be taken on a scientifically accurate recreated human body dissection learning in-depth anatomy and physiology relevant to your academic studies.

The course is designed to support those students currently at a University studying in the biosciences, health, sports or associated degree pathways that require an understanding of advanced anatomy and physiology or indeed the associated clinical pathologies.

The procedure will be lead by Samuel Piri & his team who will first set out the basics of anatomical dissection before systematically working their way through the anatomical cavities comparing normal specimens with various states of pathology. You will also be taught a variety of important clinical skills including interpreting X-rays and linking symptoms to clinical diagnosis. There will be the opportunity to ask questions and at the same time handle the anatomical samples and even the chance to undertake some dissection for yourself.

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