Welcome to the Managing Operations, Risk and Sustainability (MORS) research group at Worcester Business School. We are a group of academics conducting applied and theoretical research in the area of Business Sustainability, Innovation, Operations Management, Project Management and Risk Management.

As a group of researchers we aim for:

1.  Investigating organisations’ definitions of sustainability and their rationale for adopting it. This includes, but not limited to, understanding the organisational perspectives on sustainability and sustainable management practices and appreciating the drivers and benefits of adopting sustainability principles and sustainable practices.

2.  Examining the enablers for becoming a sustainable business and the challenges to effective implementation of sustainable management practices. Our research will be tackling issues such as:

  • Innovation in product, services and business models
  • IT and IS for sustainability
  • Risk management and business sustainability
  • Projects, operations & processes for continuous improvement

3.  Researching the actual benefits of adopting sustainability principles and suggesting improvements in management practices. This aspect of our research includes evaluating the implications of adopting sustainability principles on business growth, profitability and competitive position and assessing the maturity of sustainable practices in organisations’ performance (e.g. maturity in Enterprise Risk Management).

Group members

For more details regarding our current group members, their academic expertise and research interests and publications please click on the links below: 

Apply for a PhD/DBA degree

Would you like to do your research with us and become a Group member?

We welcome PhD and DBA applicants to come and join our group and conduct their research under the supervision of our experts. We welcome research applicants who are interested in areas such as, but not restricted to:

  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Innovation and Service design
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management and Decision Making
  • Sustainability and Sustainable Development

If you are interested you can download the research degree application form, and send the completed form to the Graduate Research School at the address given on the form, or email it as an attachment to research@worc.ac.uk.

For further details  please contact Dr Catharine Ross who is a member of this group and the PhD research degrees coordinator in the Business School.

Contact us

For any further information about the group, our research activities or your future application you can contact Dr Abdulmaten Taroun:

Dr Abdulmaten Taroun
Worcester Business School - The University of Worcester
MHG004 - City Campus
Castle Street, Worcester, WR13AS
T: 01905542704 
E: a.taroun@worc.ac.uk