How does an Apprenticeship work for employers?

A Higher or Degree Apprenticeship offers you the opportunity to employ and develop staff through your apprenticeship levy payments (as a levy paying employer), or with 95% government funding support for smaller organisations. Your apprentices can be a new recruit or existing member of staff. During their apprenticeship, your employees will have the opportunity to attend university on a one-day per week (or equivalent) basis, obtain a qualification, as well as achieving their apprenticeship.

How does government funding work?

The following arrangements apply for all UK employers:

  • Employers with a payroll of more than £3 million per year will pay an Apprenticeship Levy of 0.5%.  This will provide an allowance to ‘spend’ against apprenticeships via a digital account.
  • Employers with a payroll less than £3 million will not pay a Levy, but will still have access to 95% funding via a ‘co-fund mechanism’, to support their own degree apprenticeships. Here, the employer contribution will be 5% towards the tuition fee.

See more details on government apprenticeship funding.

What are the benefits to an employer?

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships in Leadership and Management have been designed by employers for employers as a mechanism to invest in talent and develop the leaders of today and for the future. They are set at different levels according to the developmental level of the employee and each programme offers:

  • the opportunity to upskill your workforce
  • attract new talent
  • develop the skills to build your business
  • an estimated potential lifetime of added value from each apprentice of £390,000+ during the course of their careers

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