Coaching pedagogy and practice



Coaching Pedagogy and Practice Research Group

The structure and management of learning to support individuals in their learning of sport-specific skills is a well debated topic within sports coaching across all levels of performance. The learners’ needs within sport are both complex and personal therefore, different practices to enable fulfilment of these needs by each individual will result in more and better quality participation in sport. Coaches have a prominent role in the athletes’ development as a sports person and therefore, identifying and engaging in good and effective coaching practice is vital for continuation of participation and success in competition within sport.

Current Projects:

  • Professional coach education learning environments - UEFA B women’s only course project. 
  • Exploring the nature of Communities of Practice with an elite Coach Development programme (FA)/ Professional Learning in Landscapes of Practice (coach educators and mentors in football).
  • Coach Logic and athlete learning.
  • Aspire III talent and performance coach development programme evaluation (Sports Coach UK).
  • The Worcester Online Sports Coaching Portal.