Environmental Test Chamber

The School of Science and the Environment's test chamber is used for both commercial and research work.  As well as allowing research and development testing and evaluation to be carried out at strict temperature and humidity settings, it is also available for use for product evaluation.


  • The key feature of the facility is its size. The chamber has a floor size of approximately 4.8 x 4.8m and a height of 4m
  • Controlled temperature environment from -20°C to +50°C Relative humidity control from approximately 15% to 95%
  • Fully Calibrated
  • Computer control allowing multiple programmed set point changes and delayed start/finish
  • Internal, removable enclosures allowing processes and equipment to be separated from the main chamber. Can be used for containing dirty or dusty procedures or aerobiology applications such as pollen testing
  • Large double door access to the rear which leads out to the exterior of the building. Personnel access via an ‘airlock’ from the lab
  • Multiple 240v plug sockets. Access ports into the adjoining labs for running power/data cables etc
  • Compressed air supply

Additionally there is a 1m3 environmental cabinet available for smaller equipment/projects. This has similar temperature and humidity specifications as the main chamber.

Both chambers are available for internal and external use. Clients products can be tested and evaluated by the Commercial Scientific Services Group or the chamber can be hired by clients for their own R&D and testing use when available.

The Environmental Test Chamber availability and use can be arranged by contacting Professor. Carsten Skjøth.


Contact us

For enquiries and further information about the Environmental Test Chamber please contact: c.skjoth@worc.ac.uk

01905 855226