Fotini Iacovou is a Communications Specialist at YSS

Fotini Iacovou

YSS is one of many employers that works with our Criminology students.

“YSS is a charity with over than 30 years of experience in enabling people in our local communities to build resilience, overcome obstacles and feel that they belong in order to look at more hopeful futures.

Our team of student volunteers work closely to support people in our local community. Our student volunteers act as appropriate adults, mentors, group activity coordinators for all of our services. The majority of our services operate within the criminal justice system and the social justice system.

We believe in building a safe and welcoming environment for our student volunteers to develop skills and help us deliver the best service possible. Though for some roles we ask for certain type of experience we also believe in training individuals to join our teams. A lot of our student volunteers become members of staff”.