What our students say

What our students say

Here is just a selection of feedback from students on the service:

“Everything has been great. The team involved go above and beyond expectations, from loaning the equipment understanding how to use it, to having 1 to 1 tutor supervision, I really cannot complain, I’m lucky to have such a good system in place.

“It was very quick from initially screening to diagnosis”

“My support tutor is invaluable. I would have struggled to complete my studies without her”

“The one to one support has been a huge help and a great weight off my shoulders and the mental health service has also helped me enormously”

“Easy going relationship with staff”

“Exam scribe really helped because my written work becomes almost illegible under stress”

“My equipment is a big help as I struggle without it”

“The support with the DSA and advice for getting needs assessment before starting my course was brilliant”