Module Selections

Module Selections

How do I know what level I am studying?

On an undergraduate course of study you will take modules at level 4, 5 and 6. 

A full time student will normally study level 4 modules in the first year and then progress onto level 5, normally in the second year.  The final year (year 3) will normally consist of all level 6 modules.

A part time student studies at a different pace and therefore each level will span over a longer period.

Please note that there may be some flexibility to study a level 4 and/or a level 6 module at level 5.  For further advice and guidance regarding this please speak to a Programme Adviser. You can book an appointment to speak to a Programme Adviser via your SOLE page or visit

What do the module codes mean?

It is important that you select the correct module for your subject and the year you are studying. 

  • The numbers in the module code indicate what level the module is. For example:

           Level 4 codes begin with a ‘1’ e.g. BUSM1001

           Level 5 codes begin with a ‘2’ e.g. BUSM2002

           Level 6 codes begin with a ‘3’ e.g. BUSM3141

  • The letters at the beginning of the code indicate the subject area the module is from, therefore BUSM is Business, SPRT is Sport etc.

My module runs across two semesters, how will I choose that via my SOLE page?

A module that runs across two semesters is described as AS, rather than S1 which runs in semester 1 only and S2 for semester 2 only.  Across Semester modules will normally be worth 30 credits.

When making your selections for the following year, you may be selecting a combination of S1, S2 and AS modules and so you need to take into account the different combinations when completing the module selection task. 

A full time student should register for 120 credits in total and ensure there is a balanced programme, 60 credits in each semester.

How many modules should I select?

If you are a full time student you should select 120 credits for the academic year, 60 in each semester. If you are a part time student you should select a maximum of 90 credits over the academic year, between 15 and 45 in each semester.

Level 4 & 5:

Single Honours students must take at least 90 credits in your single honours subject, and you can also choose 30 credits of optional / elective modules.

Major/Minor students (level 5), must take a minimum of 60 and no more than 90 credits in your Major subject and at least 30 and no more than 60 in your Minor subject.

Joint Honours students (levels 4) will take 60 credits in each subject.

Joint Honours students (levels 5) must take at a minimum of 45 credits and no more than 75 credits in each of your two subjects, a total of 120 credits, for example 60 credits in each subject or 45 credits in one subject and 75 in the other.

Level 6: Single Honours students must take the double independent study or project, plus 90 credits in your subject.

Major/Minor students must take a minimum of 75 and no more than 90 credits in your Major subject, to include your Independent Study / Project and either 30 or 45 credits from your Minor subject.

Joint Honours students must take 60 credits in each of their subjects, including the Independent Study / Project.

If you are studying a Major/Minor or Joint pathway you can adjust your studies at level 6 to take more modules in one subject or can maintain an equally balanced programme of modules in each subject. The precise award title of Joint or Major/Minor depends on the total number of credits achieved in each subject at levels 5 and 6.

Please speak to a Programme Adviser if you require further guidance.

How do I select my Independent Study?

You have a choice of how to select the Independent Study module depending on whether you wish to take it all in one semester or spread it over two.

If you wish to take the Independent study over two semesters you should choose the appropriate subject code ending in 3002 (eg HIST3002).

If you wish to take it over one semester, you should choose the appropriate subject code ending in 3001 (eg HIST3001).

Whichever option you choose you must ensure that you submit your Independent Study Proposal form in accordance with the instructions provided by your subject area.

What is the deadline for selecting my modules for 2017/2018?

Returning students should have made their module selections for 2017/18.

If you have not yet made your choices you will be able to do so when you re-register for the new academic year.  If you need assistance with your selections please come along to a Module Selection Workshop 

These will be held each weekday from Monday 18th September to Friday 29th September 2017, 9am until 4pm, PN G007

If you need to change a module, please complete a Module Change Request via your SOLE page.

If you need to speak to a Programme Adviser they will be available at the above Module Selection Workshops.  From Monday 2nd October you can book an appointment via your SOLE page or Appointments will be released DAILY ay 8am for the day ahead (appointments will display as 'BOOKED' until released) 

New students should make their selections as soon as they receive their welcome pack enclosing their temporary SOLE password and instructions on how to select modules.  If you would like help making your selections please arrange to see a Programme Adviser at the Module Selection Workshop.       


Can I change my module selections?

To make a request to change a module, click on 'Course Information' on your SOLE page and select the 'Module Change Request' link under the 'Module Information' heading.  You will then be required to complete the task to make the request, which is passed onto the Programme Advisory Service to process the request. You will receive an email once this request has been actioned, this will include a link to your SOLE page which will confirm whether or not the change could be made.

Please note, you must take any mandatory modules specified to meet the requirements of your chosen Pathway.  However, if you would like to change any of your optional modules then this can normally be done, although you can only move onto a module if there is a place available, it does not clash with your timetable and it is validated for your course. ·

You will normally only be able to add, change or remove modules within the first two weeks of the first scheduled timetabled occurrence of the module.

Module Change Request deadlines for 2017/18

  • Across Semester and Semester 1 modules - 3pm, Friday 6th October 2017
  • Semester 2 modules - 3pm, Friday 9th February 2018



I have changed my mind about my course and want to change it. What do I do?

If you are already studying on your course, please see a Programme Adviser or submit a Course Transfer Request using the online form on the Course Information section of SOLE.

Appointments to see a Programme Adviser can be made via your SOLE page or by visiting

For students wishing to start their new course in 2017/18, the Course Transfer Request deadline is 3pm,  Friday 6th October 2017.   

If a mandatory module runs in both semesters, do I have to take it twice?

No. You can choose it from either semester, but you only need to choose it once.

Do I have to take all the mandatory modules in my subject?

YES, if it is required for the course you are on, i.e. if you are a joint honours student, the mandatory modules may be different from those required for single honours students.  If you are unsure what your mandatory modules are, please check your Course Handbook on your SOLE page.