Staff List

Staff List

Staff List

Sally Dobbins - Assistant Registrar (Student Records)
01905 855009

Team 1: Worcester Business School, Institute of Humanities and Creative Arts and Institute of Science and the Environment

Chris Brown - Administrative Officer/Team Leader

01905 855516

Dionne Boulter - Administrative Assistant Tuesdays to Fridays       

01905 855405

Stuart Clarke - Administrative Assistant

01905 855008


Team 2: Institute of Sport and Exercise Science, Institute of Health and Society

Graham Davies -Administrative Officer/Team Leader

01905 855016

Judy King - Administrative Assistant

01905 855034

Abigail Williams - Administrative Assistant 

01905 855018         

Team 3: Institute of Education

Katie Bullock- Administrative Officer/Team Leader

01905 855581

Jean Croft - Administrative Assistant

01905 855421

Sarah Brown - Administrative Assistant

01905 855061


Andy Fullwood - Examinations and Awards Officer

Examinations, including the co-ordination of the servicing and meeting of examinations boards and the publication of results, arrangements regarding Awards Ceremonies and the production of certificates

01905 855032

vacancy- Complaints and Appeals Officer

All matters relating to Mitigating Circumstances, Complaints and Appeals

Maxine Coupe - Administrative Assistant

The administration of UMS Independent Studies, reference requests, archiving of students' records

01905 855003

Clare Perkins - Administrative Assistant Mon, Thurs, Fri

Samina Fiaz    - Administrative Assistant Tues, Weds   

Reference requests, Exchange students, replacement documents

01905 855304 or