Worcester Graduates Green Design Work on Display Throughout the Country

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Posters designed by a University of Worcester Graphic Design graduate are being displayed at 20 other universities around the Country, encouraging staff and students to be more green.

Dan Alexander, who completed his degree last year, designed a series of posters as part of a project called Degrees Cooler, funded by Defra’s Greener Living Fund.

The posters show students and staff that small changes in what they do can soon add up to big reductions in carbon.

Katy Boom, Director of Environmental Sustainability at the University of Worcester, said: “Dan was a member of a winning team that had to design a range of promotional material to help students and staff eat and travel more sustainably, save energy and recycle more over a weekend.

“Dan’s interest didn’t stop there; he worked with the sustainability team to develop a range of promotional material. The posters were so eye catching that other universities asked if they could use them.”

Olivia Knight-Adams, from Degrees Cooler, added: “Dan had to work to quite specific guidelines, to meet the programmes’ branding requirements as well as needing to ensure that they could be adaptable for 20 universities. This didn’t faze him. We were so impressed both by his graphic design abilities, and messaging that the Degrees Cooler project has now commissioned Dan to do further promotional material.”

As part of his Graphic Design degree at the University of Worcester, Dan, aged 25, took part in the green design module run by Senior Design Lecturer Andy Stevenson.

Mr Stevenson said: “This year the subjects being studied will be more packaging-oriented looking at re-usable packaging, seed impregnated recycled board/FSC validated board and vegetable-based inks etc. This change in focus is market led as more and more large corporates are expecting their design agencies to have staff who have an understanding of sustainable solutions within graphic design.”