University Helps Schoolchildren Learn about Biodiversity

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Pupils from a local school learned about biodiversity thanks to a fieldtrip with the University of Worcester.

Hallow Primary School fieldtripWater and Environmental Management lecturer Dr Ian Maddock and PhD research student Caroline Wallis, both from the University of Worcester’s Institute of Science and Environment, took children from Hallow CE Primary School on a day trip around the local area to study streams and rivers.

The pupils had the chance to conduct a river habitat survey, assess the speed and depth of the waters and participate in a ‘minibeast’ study, to find out what creatures are living in our local streams.

Dr Maddock said: “The trip was part of the University’s commitment to support the local community and foster learning. We are happy to encourage pupils from Hallow CE Primary School to learn more about the natural world and our impact on it.”

The work was developed and delivered in collaboration with the children’s class teacher Ali Reakes-Williams, who also led one of the projects.

Mrs Reakes-Williams said: “This was a fantastic experience for the children. All were highly engaged in the tasks whilst the learning was memorable and inspiring for us all.”

Alexander Basford, aged nine, said: “The steams project was the best because I really enjoyed taking measurements with Dr Maddock.”