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Stuart Currie

Lecturer in Drama & Performance

Institute of the Arts

Contact Details


tel: 01905 85 5297

Stuart Currie's main teaching specialisms are in sceneography, theatre adaptation and television drama. His first play, 'Being Alice' is currently in rehearsal and is to be performed in January 2016.

He has recently given a paper on William Blake Richmond's painting of 'The Sisters'(1865) at the '150 years of Wonderland' conference at Hommerton College, Cambridge.

Past performance projects include his own adaptation of Mikhail Bulgakovís formerly banned novel, The Master and Margarita in 2013 and an adaptation of the Hammer House of Horror film, Theatre of Blood in 2011. As a teacher, he is particularly interested in 'blended learning' and in the use of digital media to present undergraduate work for assessment.