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Research Activity

Research at the University of Worcester covers a broad spectrum of subject areas.

In our Institute of Science & Environment, we have scientists working on Animal and Plant Biology, Biochemistry and Ecology; and researchers in Archaeology and Human and Physical Geography. Our National Pollen and Aerobiology Research Unit is also located in Science & Environment specialising as the name suggests in all aspects of Aerobiology.

In our Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts, a number of our researchers are focused on the history, literature and culture of the Early Modern Period. Our historians also specialise in other areas such as Slavery, Irish History, Middle Eastern History, and 20th Century Politics. Our literary specialists have expertise in Children’s Literature, American Literature, Shakespeare, and Literature and the Environment. Humanities & Creative Arts is also home to research into Art & Design, Drama & Performance, Film and Media Studies, Cultural Studies and Sociology.

In our Institute of Health & Society, our psychologists, specialising in Health, Cognitive and Occupational Psychology, work alongside researchers focused on practice in the Health Professions. We also have researchers working on Social Work and Social Policy, Domestic Violence and Nutritional Therapy. Health & Society is also home to the Association for Dementia Studies, a Research Centre focused on research into care provision for people living with dementia.

The Institute of Sport and Exercise Science hosts researchers working on Physical Activity and Exercise for Health, Exercise Physiology, Sports Psychology, the Sociology of Sport and Sports Coaching.

In the Worcester Business School, there are researchers working on Business History, Organisational Development, Corporate Strategy and Industrial Relations alongside those specialising in Computer Security and Computer Gaming. WBS is also home to the Centre for People at Work, a research group with a strong focus on Human Resource Management

The Institute of Education has a strong focus on research that will inform teaching practice from the Early Years through to Post-Compulsory Education.

More details of research activity at Worcester can be found on the pages of our academic Institutes.