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Dr Ann Bicknell

Expertise: Consumer Psychology and Advertising; E-learning uptake in organisations; Training and Evaluation; Ergonomics and Hedonomics

Dr Scott Buckler

Expertise: Applied psychology; transpersonal psychology; martial arts (history, philosophy, psychology)

Dr Jon Catling

Expertise: Cognitive psychology; memory; psycholinguistics especially ‘Age of Acquisition’ effects

Matthew Jellis

Expertise: Occupational psychology

Current student projects:
• An analysis of the influence of psychopathic traits on career development

Dr Bere Mahoney

Expertise: Eating behaviour; Ageing and appearance concerns; Speech evaluation

Dr Catherine Steele

Expertise: Career development; Women in leadership; Personal development planning in the teaching of psychology

Professor Dominic Upton

Expertise: Health psychology and professions allied to medicine/nursing; Service user participation; Online learning and student performance; Clinical effectiveness and evidence based practice

Current student projects:
• The Psychosocial Value of Care Farming

Dr Penney Upton

Expertise: Children’s health and quality of life; the impact of chronic illness in childhood; Health and well being of children in local authority care; the application of evidence based healthcare

Current student projects:
• Alcohol use in middle aged adults