New Face at the McClelland Centre

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A full time manager has been appointed at the University of Worcester’s McClelland Centre for Health and Wellbeing.

Howard Skerry was previously Head of Business Development at the University and has been asked to take on the new role of manager of the Centre in order to provide a commercial focus.

Situated in the newly restored Worcester Royal Infirmary building, the McClelland Centre offers a host of personal health and wellbeing services to students, staff and members of the public.

It also provides an environment where students studying for professional qualifications can get the hands-on practice and experience that they need to develop their skills.

There are a number of student-run clinics provided by Sports Therapy, Nutritional Therapy and Counselling students, as well as cardiac rehab classes running for patients who have suffered heart attacks, and an Alzheimer's Society session offering support to families.

Howard said: “I have two main challenges. The first is to enable the McClelland Centre to realise its full potential, by providing a unique combination of services to students, staff, external organisations, as well as the general public.

“The second is a more personal challenge; to develop my own personal fitness.”

The McClelland Centre offers Health MOTs to help people find out their areas of strength and which areas they need to work on, in order to maintain and build their health and wellbeing.

To find out more about services at the McClelland Centre visit the website , email or call 01905 542001.