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Media and Cultural Studies BA (Hons) Top-up Degree

Media & Cultural Studies at Worcester is an academic rather than a practical degree. As such, the broad knowledge you will gain will offer enhanced employment opportunities across the media and cultural industries.

You may be eligible to enter directly onto the Media & Cultural Studies course in Year 2 if you have an appropriate HND in Media.      

You will have the opportunity to study everything from newspapers to television, music to advertising, film to the internet, and will be taught by experts in areas that range across television advertising, popular culture, pornography, gender, war reporting, children and the media, and environmentalism. With their help, you will get to consider thepivotal role played by media and culture in shaping both your identity and our understanding of national and global events.

Furthermore, in a ‘media society’, where an understanding of how to communicate is all-important, graduates of media and cultural studies courses now work in a wide range of other industries, doing things like designing websites, writing publicity and press material, and running media training.

All our staff in Media and Cultural Studies are research active and this strengthens our teaching considerably. (For example, see this article in the Independent).  

Visit Dr Barbara Mitra's blog and the Media & Cultural Studies blog.


UCAS code

To find out more information about applying for this course, please contact the Admissions Office

01905 855111

Entry requirements

An HND/C in this or a related field

Course fees

The standard annual fee for full-time UK/EU students enrolling in 2015 is £9,000 per year. Part-time fees are generally charged on a pro rata basis.

For more details, please visit our course fees page

Study options

You may be eligible to enter directly onto the Media & Cultural Studies course in Year 2 (Year 3 possible by interview) if you have an appropriate HND in Media.

Get in touch

Admissions Office
01905 855111  

Barbara Mitra
Subject Leader
01905 542366

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Graduates of media and cultural studies work in a wide range of careers where communication skills are central, including marketingand public relations, publishing, media and journalism, business and industry, charities and public administration. The course also provides a sound basis for postgraduate study

Course content


Year 2
Popular Cultures
Researching Media, Culture and Journalism
Gender and Popular Fiction
Work Project Module
American Popular Television
Media and Social Change
Radio and Television Drama
The Metropolis And Cultural Production 1885 - 1925
Gender Sexuality and Representation in Film
(Re)Presenting The Past: History In Film
Journalism and Society
Consuming Lives

Year 3
Independent Study (over 1 semester)
Independent Study (over 2 semesters)
Gender, Feminism and Popular Culture
TV Times
War, Democracy and the Media
Green Media
Contemporary Television Drama
Hollywood Goes to War
Propaganda and Politics in the 20th Century
Pornography and Modern Culture
Body and Society


Most of the theoretically-focused modules will include a lecture designed to stimulate and motivate students and to guide them through subsequent general reading. Students can expect also to engage with structured and general reading, screenings, observation and experiential learning. There will additionally be involvement in interactive learning through, for example, seminar discussions, team presentations and simulation exercises.

Modules shared with the Art and Design Field, e.g. multimedia, particularly promote independence and autonomy and students are required to join learning teams and maintain a learning journal.

Assessment in the more theoretically-focused modules is predominantly through written course work in the form of essays and seminar papers but also in less traditional forms, e.g. briefing papers for a non-academic audience.

There will also be opportunities for a wider range of skills to be assessed in some modules to include oral presentations, group work and other competencies such as inter-personal skills. For the modules shared with the Art and Design Field the assessment programme is continuous, student-centred and negotiable.

Student views

Kym Wild

Being a mature student and coming into a discipline like Media & Cultural Studies, I did have some pre-conceived ideas about its usefulness.

Over the years I have been taking Media and Cultural Studies modules I have grown to love the whole field because of the way in which it challenges your own pre-conceived notions. It really makes you think about yourself in a new light, makes you realise just how persuasive and invasive outside influences can be and what the effects on wider society actually are.

Studying Media & Cultural Studies has probably been one of the most rewarding things about coming to the University of Worcester.

Academic department

Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts

“We are a lively community of scholars, researchers and creative practitioners, intent on supporting and encouraging students to expand their intellectual horizons, grow their creative and professional ambitions, and achieve their potential.”
Professor Antonia Payne, Head of Institute

Graduate views

Reetta Haverinen

Studying Media & Cultural Studies has been the most eye opening experience for me. I never actually realised the power that the media exert on the lives of people on a regular basis.  During my studies, I developed a much deeper understanding of the media and their meanings and I also learnt to evaluate different media forms as sources of information. I developed a critical understanding of different theoretical perspectives on media phenomena. 

What I appreciated most was the way in which Media & Cultural Studies was planned and organised at the University of Worcester, with different modules emphasising different aspects of media and culture. Modules include some that concentrate on gender representations in the media; others enable students to gain a deeper understanding of the way in which we view things - for example, how television in our everyday lives impacts on our decision making and values. I can honestly say that my world view has changed as a result of my learning on the course.

Jodie-Marie Preddy

After graduating from Worcester, I have been studying for my Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture. It was during my time at Worcester, that I began to explore issues of gender and sexuality; I am now hoping to take these interests further and to develop them as the basis of a future career. I really enjoyed my time on the Media & Cultural Studies course. I now work for MEC Global, working on the development of the Nintendo brand.

Laurie-Anne Heath

Studying Media & Cultural Studies has been extremely interesting. It has taught me much about the mediated culture in which we live. The media and gender classes have been very enjoyable as they prompted wide-ranging discussion, and I always went away wanting to understand more about the topic.

Being able to look at a wide variety of media kept me interested and made the media classes the most enjoyable of those that I undertook during my three years studying at the University.

Ashley Boyd

Studying Media & Cultural Studies provided me with many study options, ranging from theoretical to practical topics. The University environment encourages individual growth and you don’t just feel like another student. The lecturers are engaging and are always available to help you. I would recommend the course to anyone with an interest in the media and the desire to explore them in greater depth.

Aliss Hadley

After studying Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Worcester, I was lucky enough to find graduate employment within weeks of handing in my dissertation. I joined MediaCom in June 2011 as a trainee and have been working on well-known brands, such as MG and Bentley, for over a year. The company enrolled me onto the IPA foundation course, which I passed in 2012. As the media industry is all about networking, I often get to go on amazing trips - to concerts, live comedy, even the Olympics!