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Dr Lynn Nichol

Principal Lecturer in HR Management

Worcester Business School

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tel: 01905 54 2642

Lynn is Head of Leadership, Management and HR Subject Group, a Principal Lecturer in HR and course leader for the Doctorate in Business Administration at Worcester Business School. She is a Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academic. She has supervised two PhDs, one DBA and one MRes to completion.

Her own research interests are located in HR and learning and her current work focuses on working lives, professional identity, work and problem based learning and coaching doctoral students. Her PhD was awarded for a thesis entitled ‘exploring working lives through the framework of the Psychological Contract. A study of Clergy in the Church of England in the 21st Century’


Chartered Fellow of Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Teaching & Research

Teaching & Research

Human Resource Management – employee relations, organisational change, employee engagement, the psychological contract, HR in the third sector

Human Resource Development – work based learning, training and development and reflective practice

Research Methods – qualitative methods

Recent doctoral supervisions include

  • An exploration of survivors’ experience of organizational downsizing in German manufacturing
  • Archetypes and stereotypes: The use of symbolic interaction to explore employee in-group behaviour and career growth
  • Generational difference, career paths and the British hospitality manager
  • Working lives – the early years practitioners' perceptions of OFSTED Inspection
  • Part-time telework – the experience of the Conseil-General du Finistere France
  • Corporate culture: An investigation into the operationalization of the concept and divergences between management and staff
  • Exploring approaches to funding faith based organisations. A study of the Church of England’s common funding system

Professional Bodies

Professional Bodies

Chartered Fellow, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)



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Nichol, L. (1996) Mapping the Knowledge for Professional Administrators. Competence Bulletin, Volume 2, Number 1.

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Nichol, L. Williams, S (2012) Work based learning: its impact on HRD/M practitioners’ development and professional identity. Working paper 13th International Conference on Human Resource Development Research and Practice. Portugal.

Nichol, L. (2013) The power of the historical working life on contemporary workers: an exploration of current working lives in the Church of England. In: 2013 Management History Research Group Conference. Lancaster.

Nichol L. Williams S. (2013) Constructing professional identity – the experience of work based learning candidates. In: 20th Annual AHRD International Research Conference in the Americas, celebrating 20 years of Leading HRD Through Research. Washington, USA.

Williams, S. Nichol, L (2013) Learning about belonging to a HR profession: reflections from part time, practising HR professionals. In: UFHRD Conference 2013. HRD in Turbulent Seas – Continued Global Economic Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities. Brighton.

Nichol, L. Williams, S (2014). Constructing professional identity; the experience of work based learning candidates. American Journal of Management, Vol 14(1).



External Responsibilities

External Responsibilities

External Examiner Undergraduate HR Degree and CIPD Intermediate Level Programme- Anglia Ruskin University


External Examiner University of Hull Business School

Council Member - University Forum for HRD (UFHRD)

HR Advisor to the Diocese of Worcester Resources Executive

Reviewer, American Academy of Human Resource Development Conference


Reviewer, University Forum for HRD European Conference

Current PhD Projects


Work Based Learning
Professional Identity
Narrative Research/ethnography
Psychological contract/survivor syndrome/downsizing
Learning and Development
Employee Relations
Faith based organisation



Current student projects:


Outsourcing – modelling and managing the employment relationship