Ethical Leadership Workshop Explores Lessons From Major Enquiries

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Leaders from a number of high profile organisations got together at the University of Worcester for a workshop on learning lessons from major enquiries.

The workshop was hosted by the University’s Centre for Ethical Leadership, which works closely with organisations to support their leaders in making difficult decisions.

Ethical Leadership considers how different values are incorporated into decision making and organisational leadership.

The workshop was aimed at people who have a responsibility for assessing, assuring and enhancing service quality and encouraged them to explore the ethical issues that have arisen from major enquiries in the health service and child protection.

In return, managers and leaders of organisations were able to discuss how organisational values can be developed to avoid the mistakes of the past.

The keynote speaker was Elisabeth Buggins CBE DL, Chair of West Midlands Strategic Health Authority and Programme Lead for Board Development of the NHS National Leadership Council, who has a passion for enhancing standards of care and making health services more responsive to patients.

Director of the Centre for Ethical Leadership, Rob Sykes, who currently combines his role at the University of Worcester with that of non Executive Director for the Crown Prosecution Service, delivered the seminar with Dr Jan Quallington, the Associate Head of the Institute of Health and Society at the University, Who has undertaken substantial research into ethical leadership.

Their combined experience enabled them to run the workshop successfully, engaging the leaders to think how to respond when their values and ethics are challenged.