Prestigious Geology Conference to Take Place at University of Worcester

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The University of Worcester is hosting a prestigious two-day conference for the Geologists’ Association next weekend.

The conference, Geoconservation for Science and Society, will be attended by a number of high profile guests, who will be discussing the challenges of the 21st century.

Geoconservation can be defined as action taken with the intent of conserving and enhancing geological and geomorphological features, processes, sites and specimens.

The conference, on Friday September 9 and Saturday, September 10, features a jam-packed programme bursting with activities and talks to celebrate 60 years of successful geoconservation and discussions on how to ensure our geo-heritage is further valued and protected. It will also feature debates on the importance of local groups, funding opportunities, benefits of raising public awareness and the future of the Geological Conservation Review.

The discussions will analyse past achievements of the Geologists’ Association and how they can improve their work in local communities to sustain the future of geoconservation.

The event will also bring together many respected figures from different institutions where they will give interesting keynote lectures, including members from English Heritage, Natural England and Phil Harding from Channel 4’s Time Team.

The second day will also include a day-long trip to the Lickey Hills Champions Project, Dudley Museum and Arts Gallery along with the Wren’s Nest National Nature Reserve.

Dr Cheryl Jones, Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Worcester, said: “I am delighted the University is hosting this prestigious conference. Since its formation in 1858, the Geologists’ Association has actively promoted the study of geology to all who are interested in the past, present and future of the natural world. Many of the speakers and indeed the delegates have played a pivotal role in protecting and promoting and enhancing our geological heritage.”