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Leadership & Management Postgraduate Diploma (part-time)

Offered by Worcester Business School under the Momentum Project, this fully-funded Scholarship involves studying during weekly contact sessions for a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management, which leads in the second year to an Executive MBA. It is an accredited programme, comprised of bite-size packages of learning combined with employment.

The part-time course, starting September 2015 and taking place over two years, aims to develop your business leadership and management skills and understanding, ensuring a critical appreciation of the theories, tools, techniques and applications of leadership and management, enabling you to lead more effectively, manage change, use resources efficiently and improve your personal effectiveness. The Scholarship programme focuses upon applied learning, encouraging you to relate new knowledge and skills to real leadership and management scenarios within your working environment. Alongside your academic development, you will be able to develop key transferable skills, including: two-way communication skills, such as negotiation and persuasion, numeracy and quantitative skills, teamwork, leadership, personal efficiency and effective use of ICT.

The Scholarship is jointly funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) and the University of Worcester.

Scholarship value

The value of the Momentum Scholarship is £10,000 which will cover the cost of the tuition fees, supplemented by a bursary to cover incidental course costs, which will be paid in installments over the length of the programme.

Entry requirements

We are no longer taking applications to this course for start September 2015

Download the application form, which may be submitted electronically or in paper format to The Momentum Project office. A MS-Word version of this form can be obtained from Our decision will be communicated by email by 15th June and you may be invited to attend a face-to-face interview. Note that you must provide documentary evidence with your application. Incomplete applications, or those submitted without suitable evidence will not be considered.


Entry requirements

The Momentum Scholarship is aimed ONLY at students who have been charged the higher fees (6-9K) and incurred higher debt from September 2012, graduating this year. Application is only appropriate if you are predicted to achieve a first or upper second-class Honours Degree in any subject from any University. Other conditions apply, please consult the detailed eligibility and evidence requirements listed in the Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions for Applicants.


Get in touch

Tim Sellick
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Momentum Admissions
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Scheme details

Scholarship details

Momentum has been developed in response to Governmental concern that the higher fees paid, and consequent debt may be a deterrent to progression to postgraduate study. The University of Worcester is strongly committed to the principles of equality and diversity and we welcome applications from graduates from all backgrounds and disciplines. The University’s Business School is an inspirational place to study, with outstanding teaching, excellent facilities and a highly flexible curriculum oriented around employability. The scheme aims to improve the perception of the benefits of postgraduate education, alongside employment, highlighting the strengths of gaining a connection with a local business. You will gain:

Access to a postgraduate qualification without incurring any tuition fees.

A Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management which will be converted to an Executive MBA in Leadership and Management after completion of a dissertation in the last five months of study. (There will additionally be a self-funded option to sit an award of Certificate in Strategic Management after the third term.)

Key transferable skills developed around ten core competencies, which are critical for student employability and will allow a graduate to achieve their potential in their chosen career.

A chance to fast-forward a career by gaining valuable work experience and a qualification relevant to your own needs and the needs of your current and future employers


Course content

Course timetable

Download the course timetable [PDF]




A new mentoring scheme designed for our postgraduate students and those taking up a space in our Business Incubator under the Momentum project has been launched in partnership with the Worcestershire Ambassadors. This developing partnership will ultimately include access to a mentoring qualification and networking opportunities around an agreed framework that aims to benefit both the mentors and learners involved in the scheme. Benefits as a mentor not only increase job satisfaction and include the opportunity to pass on learned experience, but will include networking opportunities at events and the chance to focus on strengths – of themselves and others. We are now taking applications for an initial workshop taking place in March, introducing mentors to the roles, skills and activities.


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Lisa Loudon

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For employers

The University of Worcester and the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) are offering a Scholarship scheme to address concern that the higher fees paid, and subsequent debt incurred has become a deterrent to postgraduate study, especially amongst students that are evidentially under-represented at this level. The course starts this September, and content is based on learning from the ongoing HEFCE-funded Momentum programme offered by the University in 2014. Students will study part-time for a Postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Management, leading to an Executive MBA in the second year, after the successful completion of their dissertation.

There is no cost to employers – graduates will study in their own time and attend a weekly session at the University.

“We are keen to work with our business partners to increase and improve postgraduate education in the regional economy – the course will enable your graduate to bring fresh ideas to your business – to be part of a dynamic, motivated workforce, adding value right from the outset” Tim Maxfield  Director of Business Development

For more information see the detailed eligibility requirements in the Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

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Tim Maxfield 01905 855284

Momentum Admissions 01905 542445