UW Graduate destinations 2015-2016

UW Graduate destinations 2015-2016

For an overview of University of Worcester graduate destinations, please click here. Listed below are individual subject sheets showing what 2015-16 graduates were doing six months after finishing their degrees.

Each report includes examples of job titles and employers. Please notes that for data protection reasons courses with small numbers have not been included, nor have postgraduate courses other than PGCE. For further information about these courses please contact careers@worc.ac.uk.

 Institute of Health & Society

 Health & Social Welfare  [PDF] [WORD]
 Health & Social Welfare (Foundation)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Midwifery  [PDF] [WORD]
 Nursing   [PDF] [WORD]
 Occupational Therapy   [PDF] [WORD]
 Paramedic Science (Foundation)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Physiotherapy   [PDF] [WORD]
 Psychology   [PDF] [WORD]
 Youth & Community   [PDF] [WORD]

 Institute of Humanities & Creative Arts

 Art & Design  [PDF] [WORD]
 Creative Writing, Journalism & Screenwriting   [PDF] [WORD]
 Digital Media, Animation & Film  [PDF] [WORD]
 Drama & Performance   [PDF] [WORD]
 English   [PDF] [WORD]
 Graphic Design & Multimedia  [PDF] [WORD]
 History  [PDF] [WORD]
 Media & Cultural Studies   [PDF] [WORD]
 Sociology   [PDF] [WORD]

 Institute of Science & the Environment

 Biochemistry   [PDF] [WORD]
 Biology   [PDF] [WORD]
 Ecology & Environmental Management/Science   [PDF] [WORD]
 Geography   [PDF] [WORD]

 Institute of Education

 Children & Families  [PDF] [WORD]
 Early Childhood Studies  [PDF] [WORD]
 Early Childhood Studies (Foundation)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Education Studies  [PDF] [WORD]
 Education Studies (Foundation)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Primary Education + QTS  [PDF] [WORD]
 PGCE Primary  [PDF] [WORD]
 PGCE Secondary  [PDF] [WORD]

 Institute of Sport & Exercise Science

 Outdoor Adventure Leadership  [PDF] [WORD]
 Physical Education  [PDF] [WORD]
 Sport & Exercise Science  [PDF] [WORD]
 Sports Coaching  [PDF] [WORD]
 Sports Coaching (HND)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Sports Studies  [PDF] [WORD]
 Sports Therapy  [PDF] [WORD]

 Worcester Business School

 Accountancy  [PDF] [WORD]
 Business, HR Management and Public Relations   [PDF] [WORD]
 Business Management   [PDF] [WORD]
 Business Management (HND)  [PDF] [WORD]
 Computing  [PDF] [WORD]
 Economics  [PDF] [WORD]
 Marketing & Advertising  [PDF] [WORD]