Developing your skills further

Developing your skills further

Taking part in a range of activities can help you to build your skills, decide on a future path, and provide employers with evidence of your suitability for a job.

Employers tell us that they want to see students who have thrown themselves into life and made the most of their time at university. When applying for work you will often be asked to provide evidence that you have developed certain attributes such as communication, team work or adaptability. Taking part in a range of activities will give you the opportunity to develop these skills further. 

For example,

  • Societies and Activities: Societies and activities are run by the Student's Union. Active involvement shows commitment and team work.
  • Learn a new language: This can be a great way of showing communication skills.
  • StAR: Being a Student Academic Representative, or Institute Rep can show great communication and leadership skills.
  • Study abroad: This shows you're independent, resilient and able to adapt to new situations.
  • Positions of responsibility: This demonstrates leadership and problem solving skills.

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