What additional activities will be recorded?

What additional activities will be recorded?

Section 6.1 will include certain extra curricular activities which can be verified by the university, and can give a fuller picture of your achievements.

These include:

 Activities  Comments and eligibility  Further information
 Worcester Award      Successful completion  www.worc.ac.uk/worcesteraward
 Volunteering  Minimum 50 hours with evidence on V Record  www.worcsu.com/volunteer/vrecord/
 University prizes and awards    Information with Institutes
 Academic scholarships    Information with Institutes 
 Students Union representatives  Elected officers of University of Worcester Students Union  www.worcsu.com/yourunion/studentofficers/
 Students Union awards and prizes  Including sports, society, and volunteering prizes  www.worcsu.com
 Students Academic Representatives  Level of accreditation to be recorded  www.worcsu.com/yourvoice/stars/
 University Mentor Programme  Successful completion of level 2  http://www.worcester.ac.uk/discover/access-inclusion-mentoring-scheme.html


Other activities such as volunteering, work experience, or work in the community may be recognised through the Worcester Award or the V Record.




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