Searching for graduate jobs

Searching for graduate jobs

Aside from vacancies promoted by Careers and Employability, here are some of the methods you can use to search and apply for graduate jobs:

  • The advertised route: Identify the most relevant papers, professional journals and online sites. Act promptly but be selective - quality applications rather than quantity!
  • The hidden job market: Research companies and the sector in detail, look out for problems you can solve and target your cover letter / CV.
  • Online jobsearch: Research the most appropriate sites including smaller niche sites. Criteria selection and keyword searches can be used to narrow down your search.
  • Recruitment agencies: Build a good relationship with a consultant; you need to be a person they know rather than a client number. Identify those with specific expertise in your field for more relevant opportunities.
  • Networking: Let people know what you are looking for. Dig deep to identify contacts and be clear how you can be of benefit. It is important to note results of meetings and follow up activity, and to keep people informed. A great way to build a professional network is via LinkedIn - Set up a free profile and develop your contacts in a professional manner.

Below are a few websites to help you get started in planning your job strategy and finding graduate jobs:

Website to help develop your own job search strategy:

The following websites may have vacancies in your chosen area:

  • Fish4jobs - particularly useful for links to jobs in particular geographical areas
  • Gradcentral - for graduate level vacancies in the West Midlands
  • - for job opportunities at universities and in higher education
  • Prospects - regional and national graduate jobs
  • TargetJobs - regional and national graduate jobs
  • Glassdoor - job vacancies, alongside company reviews and advice written by employees

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